Animation & Multimedia Installation

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  •  Animation and Multimedia Installation

    Videos and still images- part of my multimedia installation completed for my MFA at William Paterson in New Jersey.
  • These videos and stills reflect the work that I did as part of the Master of Fine Art process at William Paterson University. This work is an intentional departure from the realistic/traditional approach that I had been using for many years as an illustrator.

    The work started as paintings, using oils, acrylics, charcoal and markers. While beginning work was done on stretched canvas- eventually I moved to drawing techniques on paper- created quickly in an "automatic" drawing approach where I was attempting to reference the Coney Island of the past- in my mind.

    These drawings became animated sequences, which are seen in the videos below.

  • In the Studio at William Paterson University
    Combination of pencil and ink drawings, placed objects and digital sequencing. Part of the process of developing the concept for the finished installation
  • Coney Beach Walker
    Pen and ink sketches exploring the mytholgoies and archtypeal images that form a part of my fascination with Coney Island. Starting with a basic children's story about the Coney Island of the turn-of-the-century, I have pushed the narrative further to include deeper concepts that involve time, the ocean and the convergence of the technology of the past with the present. 
  • Fred One
    Simple drawings on tracing paper and sequenced with stop-motion photography. Ultimately this became part of the animation and video sequence that was projected onto the final installation.
  • From the Water
    Pen and ink on paper sequenced using stop-motion photography- simple animation. Also became part of the projected images in the installation.
  • Flying Hamburger
    Attempt at simple animation using Photoshop and After Effects. 
  • Coney Girl Turning
    Original oil and acrylic painting- scanned and edited in Photoshop and After Effects for animation.