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Animated calligraphic invitation for email

Animation of calligraphy for email invitation
This was my first attempt at animated calligraphy. The animated gif was embedded in an email with a zooty African-looking background. The details were included below the animation, written in the same style. I also designed the logo which is an acronym for a very long, very academic name. It was the unwieldy length of the name that gave me the idea of animating it like this.
The animation was achieved by scanning a flourish, erasing a bit, making a copy and then erasing a bit more, etc, then ordering the frames with the most erased one first. The difficult part was getting the pace of the flourishes right. I at first erased in equal increments but that made the movement boring and unnatural.
The little ink splats that appear at the end of the flourishes are a common occurrence when the pen does that kind of low flying.