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We explored making all kinds of different marks of our animal from then we created a brand, logo, and food truck.
For the first part of the project we explored making all kinds of different marks of our animal. Picking a squirrel was somewhat difficult but as time went by I became more and more comfortable with my selection. We had to make several marks in different classifications. From those we narrowed down what we wanted to be on our final grid. Our final sixteen show a variety of different marks that portray all aspects of our animal.
All different marks representing the squirrel 
For the second part of the project we took to the all of the marks we made and explored all aspects of branding and logo exploration. We had to create our own brand, concept, logo, food truck design, and different applications. This part of the project was a learning experience. It taught me how to take my peers feedback and apply to make my brand stronger.
Final food truck design
Final logo
Business cards 
Punch cards 
My process book showing every detail on how I ended at where I did