Angry Whopper Campaign for Burger King©

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  • Concept for Burger King©
  • Brief: A print campaign for the launch of a new Angry Whopper in Italy. It's recipe has three new ingredients that will be used  in Italy for the very first time: "Angry Onions", Jalapeños  

    Target: 15-44 years men and women

    Solution: Play with the fact that the ingredient is exotic and spicy. Create a challenge for the consumer by trying the new product.

    Concept: The posters tell us in ironical way that eating spicy Jalapeños can become an everyday activity for those who are strong enough. For each poster has a different target which is shown in different situations.

    Keywords: Expectation, Dareful, Provocative, Simple, Spicy.

    Look and Feel: Simple, Minimal, Neat, Precise, Fun.

    Tone of voice: Ironical.

    Claim: WE DARE YOU, YOU TRY.
  • Title: "We dare you, you try."
    Client: Burger King
    Art Direction: Karina Nurdinova / Anahi Granados
    Copywriting: Anahi Granados
    Photography: Anahi Granados
    Brief supervision: Luca Negretti
  • Limited amount of customers get the special t-shirts and so they help to promote the Angry Whopper.
    The t-shirt has a funny illustration showing that the customer ate the Jolopeno.
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