Anglo American 3rd Annual Communications Summit

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  • Anglo American 3rd Annual Comms Summit
  • For the last 2 years Anglo American has held a global conference to bring together the marketing heads of all the wings in the organisation, aiming to consolidate and strategise a holistic strategy for the year to come. This year Cape Town was selected as the Venue and The Kinetic was brought on board to produce all the digital assets for the conference. Aiming to modernize the company, one of the key areas was the incorporation of an Ipad app rather than having a traditional printed conference program.

    Further more the delivery included a website for the conference, invitational emails sent out bi-weekly which each included a 1minute video trailer to the event. The videos’ narratives were linked and built from one to the next. The culmination video including all the teasers along with a resolution message was screened at the conference opening along with on-screen content loops which ran throughout the conference.

  • Microsite
  • Ipad App
  • Music composition
    The Kinetic worked closely with Ryan Hall
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