Angle - Lighting Beacons

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  • Lighting beacons
    Angle 72º, 74º; Angle 76º, 79º; Angle 80º, 83º
    Design by Hugo Silva
  • The lighting beacon results from a perpendicular cut of the pole and has two lighting points: at the top and inner side. The maintenance is simplified by top access. At the inner side, light is projected forward, almost horizontally. At the top, light is projected upward, diagonally. The drawing of three different angles to two different heights gives place to 6 lighting beacons. This laconic approach inspires the rhythm and balance in the existence of life in free.
  • Perspective - Angle 72º; Angle 76º; Angle 80º
  • Perspective - Angle 74º; Angle 79º; Angle 83º
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  • Detail / Maintenance
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