Andaz 1901 Branding
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Fluid were recently commissioned to create a new brand identity for London’s latest progressive dining experience

Fluid were  commissioned to create a new brand identity for Londons latest progressive dining experience 1901. The restaurant is the first in series of venues to be launched the new Andaz™ brand operated by Hyatt Hotels & Resorts.  The design concepts created by Fluid will later be rolled out globally across the rest of the venues.By making the focus of the campaign about quality and detailing, Fluid ensured it produced results that were universally attractive, and provided a talking point' for 1901's diverse client groups; a branding solution as deeply considered and beautifully executed as the venue itself.

The print products were visioned as twisted porcelain sculptures echoing the purity of the marble floors. Highly skilled printing techniques including layering, sculpture embossing and foils were employed to create a textured surface encouraging the light from the huge ceiling window to cast streams of light and unusual shadows. 

In keeping with the theatrical vision of the concept, and underling the layout of the restaurant, five menu inserts were printed with bright effervescent colours, providing a dramatic contrast to the venues white marble surroundings. As an eco-conscious brand sustainability was also an incredibility important feature of the project and recycled, biodegradable and chemical free materials were used throughout.