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digital geometry translated to an analogue media
Further exploration into the theme of faceted geometry and the illusion of 3D
Designed in 3D CAD (Rhino 3D) and Painter 12 - The goal was to achieve a balance between the faceted foreground anchor and the organic flowers in the background.
I started by hand sketching the anchor and its facets and translating that into Rhino 3D - The program allowed me to manipulate curves and points with ease.
Using Corel Painter and my trusty Wacom, I sketched the flowers directly on the tube.
Color Studies
The desired effect is the illusion of a "vibrating" or blurry anchor, achieved by offsetting the Cyan, Magenta and Yellow prints.
Print test 
This is the most ambitious print I have attempted. I was concerned my setup would miss some of the finer details of the image

Some experiments in Keyshot
While ink dried, I took the earlier linework from Rhino and added some depth to it.