Analog Double Exposure

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  • One of my favorite double exposure shot. I liked this man a lot, and the moutain too. In a way this single picture catch the man and his environment. It add something to the single portrait. To me it's like this man iive inside this moutain. Actually that's totally true, we rent a bike and used to drive one hours on a really hard one way road. At the end nothing but four to fives houses with some workers.
  • I get stuck when i developped my analog film, i totally forgot this shot. To my mind it show both sides of the monk self developpement. I can assume that by spending some time with them, they laught a lot and make fun of everything.
  • For sure this is interpretation, but when i look at this shot i can't help thinking that this little indian boy is looking for hiself. The two shots represent the same boy at 2 s of interval.