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One of my illustrations for Dr.Kalam's book, My Journey
Sometime earlier this year, I was asked by a publisher in Delhi to illustrate a book of stories by former president of India Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam. The black and white illustrations were done in charcoal and then cut and collaged to form compositions. 
The process for the illustration I have shown here is for a chapter titled My Father's Morning Walk.
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This is the initial sketch above. I decided to do away with the chappals and I took a reference photograph of my garderner's feet .
The first attempt at drawing feet was done with charcoal on Canson paper. It turned out too smooth, rounded and lacking personality.
This attempt below, done on M422 paper was what I wanted. The strokes of the charcoal are far more prominent here giving the foot the ruggedness that I was looking for.
This is a picture of the actual illustration and its reproduction in the book.