Amtrak Rebrand

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  • The mission of Amtrak is to provide efficient and effective intercity passenger mobility service in the United States that connects over 500 destinations and 46 states. They provide a public transportation service for faster and easier travel.

    I have developed a new brand campaign for Amtrak targeted towards students who are adventurous and green. I developed a full business system, website, boarding passes, advertisements and more for curious students.

    Student: Maggie Hirschi (website)
    Awards: AIGA A8 and Juror's Choice
    Professor: Jeremy Shellhorn

    "When a design competition includes a student category, often you fine art school clichés or pretty images with naive thinking. The student work presented in Kansas City was anything but that. My selection was the Amtrak Program, and I do mean program. From tickets, to promotions, to posters, to luggage tags, to sites fro mobile devices and the web – quite an effort. Not just design by the pound, the function of each piece had been considered and executed effectively. Accolades to the student, teacher and school." Kit Hinrichs