Amsterdam's finest places and spaces.

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    Amsterdam's finest places and spaces.

    We Find is a concept where you can discover -only the greatest- companies based in Amsterdam, selected by -the most influenced- living locals. My name is Tijn Hoyng and I created this website because Amsterdam has so much to offer, but unfortunately it's flooded by the 'tourists attractions'. Together with the people of Amsterdam I want to discover Amsterdam's finest places and spaces.
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    The website structure is two pages deep. The first page is the homepage with all the thumbnails of 'Amsterdam's finest companies'. The second page is the profile page, which you see here above. When you scroll down on the homepage, the background image will get blurred to give more attention to the thumbnails. Also, the white area stops at 2/3 of your screen so you can easily click the background image to get to the top. 
  • Smart Search - We Find

    The whole area next to the logo is the search function. You can click on the text or just start typing. Everything you type transforms in a tag. For example, if you search for 'Design', it will show everything related to 'Design'. If you want to get deeper in the website, just search again, the tag will operate as sub category (breadcrump) in the website. 
  • Advertising - We Find

    One of my profit models is advertising. When you start scrolling or search for an category, there is a small banner created where the white backgournd stops. This area (seen below), can be used for banner advertising. B
    ecause of the millions of possible search results you have infinite possibilities to advertise on this website. For example, if I search for 'Fashion' it's highly possible you will find an ad from Daily Paper, and if you click on it, you will go to the profile page of this Amstedam based brand.
  • Shopping - We Find

    Profit model number two is e-commerce. Every company sells something, why not sell it through the website? This way the profile page will be up-to-date and the visitors will be coming back for more. I'm actually not that intrested in the profit model, I'm interested in the way we can communicatie between companies and the visitors, instead of pushing fake content in the faces of the consument.
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    Team up with us, to discover Amsterdam.
    Profile credtis: Daily Paper / Photography: Sharone Jane.
    You can play with the test version here.
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