Amprion Brand Identity Concept

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    During my time at MetaDesign I worked on the brand launch for Amprion, a european transmission system operator. The design concept was based on waves that symbolize the different types of energy running through power lines. With bold colors, the technical aspects taken into consideration as wells as the modern grid based font FS Sinclair we created a clear and vivid visual distinction. And while throughout the communication the waves could be flexibly combined, the waves in the logo were reduced to straight lines. Because Amprion itself balances a proper energy mix and offers a secure and stable energy supply. 
    Unfortunately even the concept was shortlisted it didn't made the final cut. Nevertheless as you will see ahead, we later did get the chance to successfully develop Amprion's Brand Identity, including a wide range of print and digital media.

    Agency: MetaDesign, CD: Thomas Klein, DD: Anke Martini

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