Amphitrite & Poseidon – INSgraphizm remix

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  • Amphititre & Poseidon – INSgraphizm Remix
    Original Art by Joshua DavisRemix project made for
  • Run Your Jewels is a digital media remix competition. Round 5 source was provided by Joshua Davis, one of my favorite artist. The original – titled Amphitrite & Poseidon – features the God of the Sea, his wife, waves, lots of bubbles and some polygons.
    I highly respect Joshua Davis' work so I didn't crop his art. I added only more shapes, colors, meaning and lots of polish. I wanted to create a rich piece, full of awesome detail – a visual bomb.

    Download 2560x1440 resolution wallpaper
  • Build up animation
  • Original — Close up — New graphic asset — Interpretation
  • Details @2x
  • Thanks to Joshua Davis and Run Your Jewels!