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Surrealist inspired artwork.
Amongst the Butterflies
Completed in 2011
My year's work was based around the theme I created from the word 'outburst', meaning a sudden release of energy. In this project I wanted to do a mixed media piece that combined my surrealism inspired butterfly illustrations with a photoshopped photograph I took of my sister. In the final artwork I wanted to achieve an interesting artwork that had depth and detail. 
Surrealist inspired butterflies I drew to go into my artwork. Focussed mainly on the theme of adventure or mystery. 
A photoshoot I had with my beautiful sister as the subject for the girl amongst the butterflies. These are my few favourites.. 
My final choice of portrait. 
A charcoal effect applied through Photoshop to create the final figure. 
Added the butterflies in digitally... 
Final Composition after adding butterflies and printing. 
Extra butterflies added for 3D effect. 
Final framed artwork. Sorry for the bad quality image.