• I shot this photographic series for Amnesty International, a charity organization that strives to protect human rights. The images express the fact that every day, people are falling into silence, like "falling in deep water", through such injustices as not having ones political views heard in ones own country to illegitimate death sentences. I worked with the advertising agency La Chose in Paris on this series, shooting models underwater and working on CGI 3D post-production with the French lab " La souris sur le Gâteau " to create the bubbles that represent the different aggressions that people are being subject to across the globe every day.
  • Photography : Léo Caillard - http://www.leocaillard.com/
    CGI & retouching : http://www.lasourissurlegateau.com/
    Creatives : Michael Krikorian & Alexandre Fort @ LaChose - Paris