Amnesty International Spot

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  • Agency: Leo Burnett Iberia
    Client: Amnesty International
    Production Studio: Captive
    Director: Oliver Durant
    Art Director: Bruna Guerreiro
    illustrator: Emiliano Ponzi
    Animation: Oliver Durant/Bruna Guerreiro
    Contributing animators: Anne Calandre, Matthias Hoegg
    Script: Oliver Durant/Bruna Guerreiro
    Concept/Storyboard: Oliver Durant/Bruna Guerreiro
    Voices for Freedom: Leo Burnett
    Voiceover: Adelaide de Sousa
    Soundtrack: Jamie Masters
    Sound Production: Leon Dixon-Goulden / Adelphoi Music

    Leo Burnett’s slogan for the Amnesty International campaign 'Voices for Freedom' was the starting point for our animation leading us to narrate the story of Dhondup Wangchen’s own discovery and loss of his freedom of speech. The campaign addresses the silencing of civil activists worldwide. One such activist, Dhondup Wangchen was imprisoned in 2008 for the making of his documentary 'leaving fear behind' which describes the feelings of modern day Tibetans regarding Chinese rule and the then impending Beijing Olympic Games.

    Our script was influenced strongly by Buddhist and Tibetan proverbs, which significantly inform the beliefs of the Tibetan people. The narrative involves many symbolic animals that are central to religion and lifestyle in Tibet, the Yak, Tiger and antelope are all Buddhist prayer animals while the crane is a national symbol in China.

    Key to our story was the idea that a single voice can influence thousands of others, represented in our animation as dandelion seeds free with the potential to create a thousand others but on a journey that may also end in an instant. Our final message is that one voice will always prevail through the masses that are silenced to inform a thousand others.
    Sign a petition in support of Dhondup or donate your voicemail here: