American Language Institute at SDSU, Brochure & Catalog

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  • American Language Institute at SDSU
    Annual Brochure & Catalog
  • The American Language Institute at San Diego State University, (ALI) is an fully accredited institution teaching English as a second language to students and professionals from all over the world. ALI operates within the SDSU’s College of Extended Studies.

    The annual brochure catalog contains the complete yearly schedule for each of its major program studies, housing options in addition to a lifestyle guide of the San Diego area available to their current and future students.

    The conceptual theme of the design was to take advantage of San Diego’s appeal as a popular travel destination giving the brochure catalog the look and feel of a professional tourism marketing guide with the use of large vivid photographs, a full pastel color pallette as section dividers and a refined balance of the content messaging and imagery to the layout.