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The American Airlines mobile app allows travelers to quickly access 3 key componenets. The simplified interface reflects the current traveler fea… Read More
The American Airlines mobile app allows travelers to quickly access 3 key componenets. The simplified interface reflects the current traveler fear of "not being able to find their ticket" as well as making additional functions convenient. Read Less
"American Airlines delivers a superior flight experience for the modern traveler." This is the standards manual that American Airlines would use internally and when contracting design work out to other vendors. It shows both the specific and comprehensive aspects of my rebranding, of which unity and coherence of design enhance the overall brand experience. "Travel American, Travel Well."
Feel free to browse through the standards manual (above) or scroll through the abbreviated version of project highlights (below).

American provides exceptional service, both on the ground and in the air. Intelligence and taste are the essential qualities of any American Airlines employee.


Utility and organization are the fundamental properties of all American processes. By reducing visual, physical, and systematic friction points, American Airlines reduces, both temporal and actual, waste.


To most enhance the American experience, the most current technology is always utilized.

The revolutionized American Airlines logo takes its root in an abstraction of a forward-facing plane and of an automobile’s metal grille. While the plane was chosen for obvious reasons, inspiration was taken from automobile design due to it’s large consumption by American’s demographic. It also takes root in the culture of movement and has an inherent value and regality.

An interesting feature is the ink-trap, a small relief in the inner “V” of the mark, that takes reference to metal type and printing press techniques. It adds antiquity and fortitude to the mark so that, while modern and clean, it is visually smarter and tighter, reflecting the brand’s new, more expensive feel.

The Monogram logo is designed to feel more exclusive and luxurious than the primary logo. It is abstracted down to the basic plane shape and a letter “A.”
Primary typeface is Gotham. Used in the logomark and for headlines.

Gotham is that rarest of designs, the new typeface that somehow feels familiar. From the lettering that inspired it, Gotham inherited an honest tone that’s assertive but never imposing, friendly but never folksy, confident but never aloof.
Secondary typeface is Bembo. Used primarily in body copy.

The type has a serene quality. It calls attention to itself by refusing to call attention to itself, and yet it is elegan. It is an excellent book face.
The American Airlines website has been greatly simplified and tailored for tablet viewing. Larger, clearer navigation clarifies a user’s experience. Depth and texture express the upscale and sophisticated taste of the modern traveler.
The American Airlines mobile application is a simple way to book, check-in, and track your flight. It utilizes graceful and elegant movement and navigation to enhance the feel of the American brand.
Boarding Pass
Executive Stationery 
First Class "Admiral's Pennant" Whiskey 
Admiral's Club Member exclusive poster.
Interactive check-in kiosk
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