• Ambivert Identity and Packaging
    Fall 2013 Senior Thesis

    Ambivert is a hypothetical brand that produces handmade items for an Ambivert. Ambivert products are "products for people who want to be alone but also sometimes want to be around people except for those times when they want both and cannot function". All the products come in sets of 3, so there is a product for when an ambivert is feeling introverted, extroverted or both. For example, the teacup set has one teacup with one handle for introverted, one with three handles for extroverted and one with holes instead of handles for ambiverted. All the actual items, teacups, notebooks, plates etc. are all personally handmade. 
    The logo follows this idea of a set of 3 and is made up of the letters A, E and I for ambivert, extrovert and introvert. It also is a face expressing the emotion of the ambivert and is flexible depending on emotion.

    The design of the packaging is always based on a 3 x 3 grid, continuing the theme of three's. The packaging itself is meant to feel special and luxurious while still handmade and a little more tactile, especially with the string closure.
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