Amateur Portland and Oregon Photography

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  • A selection of favorite photos taken with a relatively inexepensive and feature-poor camera, the ViviCam 3705. Despite the feature-poorness of this camera - the zoom is digital, not optical, only 3.3. Megapx, limited settings and strictly amateur optiics, I think these photos show a sensitivity to visual impact and composition that shows a certain potential to make very great photgraphs - Just imagine how good I could give it with a more professional model ... ?
  • Downtown Portland from the Marquam Bridge. Taken while driving over - there's really no place to pull over, so the shot is extremely unique.
  • The Oregon State Capitol Building, Salem, Oregon. Taken in multiple parts and composited into one via Photoshop CS3
  • A midnight view down NW Thurman Street In Portland. The approaches to the Fremont Bridge are in the distance.
  • The old Norm Thompson Outfitters building, between tenants after the historic Portland retailer removed to the suburbs. NW 19th and Thurman, Portland, Oregon.
  • Mount Hood at sunset, from Council Crest Park, Portland, Oregon.