Always Remember - T-Shirt Silk Screen Printing

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  • by Claudio Chiangone with Simone Spedicato, Marco Sartori and Ilaria Bosso

    Silk screen printing lesson - Graphic and Virtual Design Course, Politecnico di Torino
    During the design of "Always Remember" we wanted to work on the concept of contrast between the variety of tools that screen printing as a communication medium offers, and the message itself, which draws in a very dry to a concept of uniqueness. Once produced the press, it was decided to bring out the message using any type of paper, making each print, in a sense, unique. Helvetica is considered one of the symbols of the modernist era,  linear, clean. This font, if is used in the right way, has already given an example it can be used in areas totally off topic the concepts of modernism. This is what makes it unique. The versatility of use, remaining always the same and always respecting the same visual codes.