• This is a story about a foreigner arriving in a tropical country
    She is clueless about where she is
    She came with pure boldness
    She is dressed in her skin
    She starts to melt off her layers
    Revealing more rainbows with every peel of the petal
    Adapting to the surrounding
    Coming to her new home with extreme weather and the universe on her feet

  • Styling : Elizabeth Raisa / RICE
    Hair and Make-up : Shirley Damian
    Model : Laís Santos from Upfront Models
    Digital Imaging : Nrfjr Tetuko
    Special thanks to Actually Shop, Ewan Shah, Liyana Meer, and Miloud Mil

    Wardrobe from Abirato, Batik Keris, BOB, Daniel Palillo, Happy Socks, Jeffrey Campbell, Jump from Paper, KTZ, Lanvin x H&M, L'ile Aux Ashby, Mae Pang, Me & Thee, MU, River Island, Underground Creepers, Yazbukey
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