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  • We are located in Düsseldorf, GERMANY..... and these are pictures of the "Kammergebäude", which was part of the former infantry-barrack, built around 1890 and the former world biggest producer of bottles : "Die Gerresheimer Glashütte" founded by Ferdinand Heye 1864. You will take a look inside a foundry placed in the industrial harbour, a squalid factory in Düsseldorf-Benrath and at somebody`s former colorful privat home. Anyway, what ever happened in those buildings is History, ....... but there is something left behind, it just gets not that much attention nowadays, except from a few outlaws, junkies and kids. So have look at those places and maybe feel inspired to think about transiency,  just how You sneaked in a similar ruin when You were Young .... Boris Leist