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  • The “Allegoria” (allegory) is an image, a text in which the meaning immediately readable obscures another more important and profound,
    which is the true value of the image or the text itself.
    Just as music is the art and science of sound over time,
    in the performance “Allegoria” the man’s body becomes the sound object generating music.”Allegoria” is presented as a classical music concert performed by a string quartet that plays a song by Johann Sebastian Bach.
    The concert begins.
    In the midst of the representation interference are revealed,
    unexpected sounds and noises which initially we are unable to distinguish the source.
    Slowly, these alternative sounds are mixed with the music and the audience gradually begins to sense their nature origin.
    Revealing gradually are the imperceptible sounds that the body of the musicians / performers inevitably generates during the concert, those sounds generally regarded as noise, as the creaking of the chair that supports the performers, the cellist arm rubbing while playing,
    or the sound generated by the turning pages of the scores, up to the breathing and heartbeats of the musicians during the performance.
    Amalgamating with the sounds of strings, the musical composition evolves ending with the complete revelation of the music of the bodies.
    The allegorical image of the concert aims to stimulate the viewer’s attention to these “concerts” in which every day we unconsciously we assist, that represent the essence as much misunderstood as vital,
    of reality that surrounds us.
    In Allegoria so we assist to a concert of classical music, listening, in addition to the sound generated by the instruments of the musicians, the actual sound of their bodies, which represents the real and effective source of musicality produced by the instruments as consequence and effect of music of the bodies.

    The intent is to create a dense and complex sound strata, where different layers of the audible subjects are revealed, the aim is to stimulate our slightly dormant awareness, awakening the consciousness of the world that are usually ignored ,
    giving voice to the teeming of life hidden behind the
    apparent immobility of forms.