All unique is quite simple (1st annual report 2012)

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  • All unique is quite simple
     our first annual report in this year 

  •   Our client 'Energosbyt' company specializes on sales of energy for citizens living in region. The key advantage for them during the reporting period was implementation of new perchesing services to make this process easy and provide hight qualified client service. They asked as to communicate this message through of the visual strategy starting with annual report. Our designers was inspired by the simple swedish traditional style of design. Due to coherence between Swedish culture and Russian dreams we decided to make mix of patterns from each of cultures. Taking basic colours which are familiar for everybody (Russia they say 'like home') from everyday life designers showed theIt is the trigger for estetic visualisation and the key reason to make positive emotional effect.
       In order to mantain the key advantege of new services we found new slogans like ' be simple', 'make your life easy' , 'present the light'. More over, we reflect the Russian dream about easy life without bureaucracy in social sphere by this wards as well.
       The complement form our sheffdesigner! We have just 20 seconds when annual report would be viewed that is why a lot of attention we gave to clarify infographics. We used only 'testy' colours ! That is why every schedule or template looks like kind of lollipops.
  • design strategy : Dasha Sitnikova 
    designprincipals: Belyakov Alexander

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