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A summary of all the diverse Curious George projects I have worked on.
Since the start of my career, I have had the pleasure and honor to work on the Curious George books, dvd's, style guides, billboards, toys and games. I have done it all, and with about 40 books under my belt I don't ever want to stop. It's just way too much fun. Artwork for Curious George: Follow That Monkey dvd done in photoshop. 
Curious George Hide and Seek Zoo Game done in Adobe Photoshop also had to  create play cards with the animals on them. This was so fun to do.
Also do a lot of the style guide art for Curious George these are always done in Adobe Illustrator.
 Cover art for Curious George Colors Eggs also worked on all the pages inside.
Not only do I work on the Curious George that you recognize today but I have also worked on a lot of Curious George classic pieces. To get the organic, hand drawn and hand painted effect I used Corel Painter.
And I do the style guide art for Curious George classic as well these are done in Adobe Illustrator.