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Brand Identity & Web Design for AACrossfit in Miami FL
AACrossfit | Brand Identity
AACrossFit Brand Identity Design
AACrossfit (formerly known as All American Crossfit) is a local crossfit training facility.  I was asked to come up with a brand identity to build brand awareness to the very competitive business of Crossfit.

I wanted to create a symbol that would stand out and not fall within the cliche of grungy text logos that have been associated with Crossfit.
I went to the basics of what Crossfit really means, it is a Strength and Conditioning program, which are equally important in reaching the goals of fitness.

I wanted to represent this with 2 shapes that when joined together would form a NEW shape which symbolizes the reaching of the individual's goal.

Using simple shapes to create the logo makes it very flexible to be used in different application such as apparel which could be sold in the training facilities. By doing so, it will create brand awareness in the community and create another source of income for AACrossfit.
The circle represent the inner self mind body and soul. The concept of the individuals being between the 2 triangles (strength and conditioning) is to represent that they are the only thing that stands in the way of reaching their ultimate goals.

When researching other crossfit websites, i noticed that most of them followed a template and have a very similar look that is difficult for them to stand out aginst their competition, there was no structure or direction.  

the site will be simple and easy to navigate, backed up with large photography background of their facility, with simple copy to describe their benefits and easy to find call to action buttons.  
the brand identity needs to remain strong across mobile devices and deliver a smooth experience. 
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