Alko Identity, 2007

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  • Alko is the Finnish liquor and wine store chain with a monopoly position. In Alko you get professional service by specialists with true service attitude. Alko´s selection is of extremely high-class and selected to serve very different client needs.
    In Alko´s comprehensive brand renewal Alko´s visual identity was designed to communicate the core of Alko brand: easily approachable, modern, high-quality speciality store chain with top service attitude. The integrated rebranding program included identity applications from logotype, corporate materials and booklets&brochure concept to staff´s apparel, photographic concept and a fundamental retail concept renewal.
    © SEK Brand Design, 2007. Creative and art direction by Petteri Järvelin, art direction and graphic design by me. Furniture, interior and lighting design by Aleksi Hautamäki.
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