Alire – A Typeface
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« Alire – Typedesign, Readability & Legibility » is my Bachelor-Thesis at FH JOANNEUM Graz.
Alire – a Typeface / Thesis
Type is one of the most important tools in visual communication. Selecting a suitable typeface enhances the process of communicating content significantly. Whether in advertising or in literature –  a font has to serve a purpose and therefore has to fit to its respective use.

The bachelor's thesis « Alire – Typedesign, Readability and Legibility » focuses on the basic rules of typography and the perception of form and type. Three transitional typefaces, which are considered to be highly legible, are analysed. The creation of a new typeface, which is specially designed to serve as body type, was based on the knowledge thereby obtained.
Where can you get this Alire:
I'm pretty overwhelmed by how many of you contacted me asking where they could buy Alire. Alire is still a work in progress and I think you would not be happy using an unfinished typeface. However, as soon as I find the time to refine
it I'm planing on releasing Alire as a free-font. So make sure to check in once in a while. – Thank you!