Exclusive Art-Prints in limited Editions

    I have been invited by the Illustrative. e.V. to contribute to the "Century of Alfa Romeo" with custom illustrations revolving around the topics cars and racing, aswell as logo and trademarks.

    2 of the following 3 Artworks can each be purchased in a limited edition of 150 pieces at:

    All 3 Artworks will be exhibited in May 2010 in either Rome, or Milano, Italy, together with the works of other talented artists and illustrators from all over the world.


    "The Search for the Sea Snake"
    Software: Adobe Illustrator, FInish: Adobe Photoshop

    I wanted to create one illustration, that focused on the beautiful old logotype of Alfa Romeo aswell as on the symbolism of the mysterious seasnake that can be found in the tradition emblem of the company. 

  • "Beauty is not enough" 
    Software: Adobe Photoshop

    I did my first Illustration in Photoshop for the Alfa Romeo project, and altough, technically it could be obviously much better, I still liked the outcome and overall composition. It has been quite a new step to work w/o vectors.

  • "A different Dimension" 
    Software: Adobe Illustrator, Finish: Adobe Photoshop (slight changes in colour)

    My last Illustration follows up on my classical vector work. As always there are no effects involved. Everything is 100% Vector. With a width of over 3 meter I hope to really catch some attention with the original at the exhibtion.
    © 2009/2010 
    Christoph Ruprecht