• Video by Salvatore delle Femmine
  • Splash page
  • Focus on Step 01
  • Focus on step 2 point view
  • Focus on step 3 point view 
  • Example of video navigation/interaction for the section transition
  • Focus on step 4. point of view
  • Example of videos navigation/interaction of section transition
  • Led light page
    Users can interact changing the differet mod of the light
  • Xray page
  • Xray lens details.
    Users can move all around the car to discover the structures details
  • Engine page details of the automatic tour mod.
    The Engine is an automatic 3d rotation
  • Automatic content tour Timeline details
  • Discovery area menu. 
  • Quiz on the game page to discover the capacity of Giulietta.
  • Test drive section
  • Request Test drive form