• Elle Magazine SA approached me to come up with a concept for the launch of their new website. Being an advocate for publicising young talent and in an effort to raise as much awareness as possible we chose local fashion bloggers and industry professionals to be the models for the Alex in Wonderland spread.

    Direction and Photography:
    Freddie Child-Villiers
    Cameron Arendse and Cleo Droomer.
    Alexandra Robertshaw
    With Bloggers:
    Malibongwe Tyilo / Skattie, What are you wearing?
    Jesna Zellerhof / Fashion Jazz
    Aisha Baker / Baked the Blog
    Sianna Wu / Culturenista
    Dylan Jack Van Vuuren / Just Dylan Jack

    Queen of Hearts:
    Robyn Cook / Style Guide.

  • The door to Alex' Wonderland.
  • Alex meets Absolom.
  • Queen of Hearts and her penmen.
  • Alex meets Tweedledee and Tweedledum.
  • Mad Hatters Tea Party.
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