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A micro exhibit of the alchemy piece at the chemical heritage foundation. Done for an environmental graphic design class.
This piece was made for an environmental graphic design course.  The project was to find a local cultural society, and reference an exhibit or piece of an exhibit.  This reference will act as a base for a smaller exhibit that will serve as a microcosm of the reference. This piece is informational, expressing in a concise manner an educational portion of the reference, while peaking the users interest on the reference exhibit and cultural institution enough to get them to visit. The exhibit I chose was the Alchemy exhibit at the Chemical Heritage foundation in the Olde City section of Philadelphia.  The reference exhibit showed the ties between alchemy and modern day chemistry from a historical, and scientific standpoint. I chose the quest for gold for the topic of my micro exhibit in order to draw the viewer into a specific portion of the reference, through this topic I was able to express the correlation between Alchemy and modern day chemistry, therefore to the reference exhibit
Inspiration, palette and type palette
The whole exhibit, seen flatly.  Created to express order, hierarchy, and composition of the piece. Holistically the exhibit is meant to be in a hexagonal shape, reflecting the composition of a gold molecule.  The exhibit is 25' wide and 9.5' tall with each panel being 5' in width
A scale graphic of a 6 foot human in comparison to a singular exhibit panel
The first two panels of the exhibit, the first focusing on an introductory overview of the exhibit, and the second emphasizing alchemical lore, and fables.  Made to catch the viewers attention and intrigue them as they start traversing the piece.
The last panel of the piece, made to recap what has been expressed through the previous panels, as well as provide some new information and further connect the science of Chemistry today, with it's alchemical roots. Seen on the right are the sun and moon graphics that act as connector pieces to the panels. Not only essential in a transitional graphical context they also work within the topic as they emphasize the alchemical tool of the transmutation circle, and the connection between gold and silver, and day and night.
The next two pieces of the exhibit; the first relates the subject matter to modern day chemistry loosely, while the next creates a stronger parallel through specific examples of tools and process.