Album + Book Artwork design

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  • Ranulph Horne - Album Artwork

    I have a wide experience and  long history  in working on album artwork, with various styles of bands and musicians.
    I am always keen to work with the musicians through the process, from design to print.

    Please contact me for any questions or commision work at -
  •  Digital & Print Album Illustration & Design for "The Sundown Jam" E.P
    Representative of their music, the band wanted the album imagery to be something simple and rugged with some natural influences.  
  • Digital & Print - Album design + Illustration for "Jarvel the Drum" -  Brighton musician James Stockman  
    The Album artwork is based around the influences of the city and surrounding environment.
  • Mock album artwork for local musician Quantic ~ Representative of his attention to the bouncing beat, a lever for all that transpires in his soul, funk, dub and Latin adventures.
  •  Mock album (above) & book (below) design using the words -
    Indian Red, 32, snow, Tokyo and William Burroughs