Alaska Luxury Adventures

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  • Alaska Luxury Adventures is a Luxuary Home Rental Company In Alaska. I was asked to create a logo for the company and after a few revisions this is the result. My original idea was for a fish to be splashing out of the water. The client liked the look but thought an Orca would be better. I personally was unaware that there were orcas in Alaska but I do like the Orca better than the fish.
  • This is a previous Logo design for Alaska Luxury Adventures. My initial thought was ot used a snowy mountain to represent alaska. 
  • Same version of the previous image with the colors inverted.
  • Here are some more concepts for the logo. The idea for a splashing fish can be seen here. I also played around with the type faces and the idea of what was being communicated. In the upper righthand corner I tried to make the word luxury flow into the symbol/icon representing a house.
  • These final two designs were essentially the two designs on the bottom with the splashing fish in the image of the previous image. The line representing the ocean and the splash was cleaned up. The fish has been replaced with an orca.