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A project for Art Direction.
Art Direction/Copywriting: Lauren Danford
Photography/Copywriting: Ryne Geib
Problem: A home burglary happens every 13 seconds in the U.S. and only 17% of homes have an alarm system.
Insight: has the technology to take a picture whenever an entry point is opened that can be emailed or sent by text.
Idea: Theives leaving a note after their break-in would be scary.
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Guerilla: will leave a note-sized flyer on cars in the front driveway that has what looks like a note from a theif on one side and the message on the other side.
Direct Mail:
On the outside of the direct mail envelope, it will look like a thief wrote on it. Inside, they will find it is only a letter from stating it isn't too late to protect their home.