"Akropolis" shopping center Christmas 2012

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  • TAPE studio was asked to create video clip of two connected, but very different parts: one-cut multilayer 
    stop-motion and filmed part. Most important thing was to create christmas mood out of paper objects and to connect two different parts.
    We created a fairytale about late christmas evening. All objects were cut of paper and were illuminated 
    with candles and photo-studio light. 
    We showed, how christmas mood can be created with minimal coloristic and cozy light. 
  • Test #1
  • Test #2
  • Senior Art Director – Ignas Kozlovas
    Art Director – Tadas Kazakevičius
    Copywriter – Dangiras Bugas
    Creative Director – Jonas Valatkevičius
    Illustrator – Karolis Strautniekas
    Assistant – Monika Janulevičiūtė
    Photographer – Edgaras Marozas
    Production house – TAPE

    Thanks for your attention!
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