Akihisa Hirata Architecture
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A branding + promotional system
 Akihisa Hirata Architecture Identity + Promotion
Akihisa Hirata's architecture is slanted sharply towards new perceptions about structure. 
The booklet/poster I designed is intended for use in its obvious bound format, but one quickly sees that the clips can be removed allowing the pages to be fully loose leaf. I considered Hirata displaying this booklet for a proposal or portfolio, which can be spread across a table, with each page able to exist independently and
collectively. When placed together (the corners show the intended order) they form a comprehensive and informing poster of his work and process.
The logomark was strongly influenced by Paul Klee's "The Thinking Eye", in which some of his notes detail the transformation a point undergoes to extend itself into a line, then a plane, and finally a volume which occupies space. After seeing much of Hirata's work and process, I felt I could incorporate this idea into his identity.