• Akhand Devanagari is a family of compact mono-linear typefaces. The letterforms are dynamic; typically
    round shapes appear more compact, as their verticals have been flattened. This ‘straightening out’ gives text set in the typefaces a streamlined look. Indeed, Akhand Devanagari is designed according to a modular system. All shapes bear a strong commonality to each other, without becoming repetitive. However, the curves in the modules have all been optically corrected, removing the mechanical nature that would otherwise become too dominant. 
    The family includes 8 font styles in upright and 8 in italics. This broad range of weights makes combinations with a strong degree of contrast possible; the lightest and the heaviest styles may be mixed to create a powerful effect in your design. Each of the 16 font styles contains 892 glyphs, offering full support for conjuncts and ligatures.
    Akhand Devanagari was developed with The Indian Type Foundry.
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