Akershus Eiendom

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    Akershus is Norway’s leading commercial real estate agent. They offer services related to transactions, leasing, research and valuation of commercial real estate.
    Akershus Eiendom was established in 1992 and currently consist of 32 employees and partners. Since their beginning, Akershus Eiendom has taken part in some of the largest transactions in the market.
    The Akershus Eiendom symbol takes inspiration from the well-known penrose triangle, creating a symbol and illusion in constant movement. Where does the symbol start and where does it end?Combined with collages inspired by the structural tightness found in the profile’s properties, the visual language maintain a relevant yet different approach in the real estate market.
    The entire identity embraces Akershus Eiendom’s core philosophies and strenghten their amibitious, timeless and forward-thinking approach to the Norwegian real estate market.
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