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wi-fi hotspot brand based in Bali, Indonesia
Airoweb identity
Airoweb is a tourist-oriented brand, that gives an access to the Web in different parts of the island. The main idea is that you can easily connect to it and check your mail, just lying on the beach under the palm. Wi-fi is everywhere in the air.

My aim was to create an identity, minimalistic and authentic, relating to with Bali itself. Aeroweb is one of the first brands in this field there, so I decided to use a direct association with wi-fi in logo, which is based on typical waves, slightly stylized in oriented way.

All the graphics are based on the face of Barong, a unique lion that provides light energy to people in indonesian mythical tradition. His invisible activity is spreading all around us, passing through all the things. The influence of wi-fi waves is alike, providing information. Barong face was collected from the shapes and the details from Airoweb logo.
The concept was quite risky thus we decided not to play on religious feelings of Balineses and replace all the instances of the face with the letter O from the logo in the final production.