• Air Malta: Awaken the Spirit of Travel 
     Candle Stop Motion at Ġnejna Beach
    Malta is a land of candles. You can find them casting their warm glow in the numerous churches, shrines and caves around the islands where they are a symbol of love, hope and remembrance. Using over 400 of these ubiquitous red candles and a crew of thirty people we decided to tell a Maltese story on a beach at sunset. The candles were lit and extinguished to create a series of images which evoke some of the feelings which Malta as
    a destination inspires and to awaken the spirit of travel.
    Concept, Storyboards, Art Direction: BRND WGN
    Filming, Direction: Kurt Arrigo
    FIlming/Editing: BRND WGN
    Camera Crew: Movie People Malta
    Music: Stalko
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