Air Jordan III Inspired - THE OLYMPUS PEN E-PL2 custom

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  • I just worked for the latest Olympus E-PL2 campaign in HK
    My job is to design a new look for the camera,

    I got inspired from Air Jordan III, used the classic black/grey/red and the white/fire red and of course the elephant print. 2011 is a big year for AJIII, as we all know the classic white and black colorways are coming soon, so it is quite nice to mix with the new comers in 2011, E-PL2 and AJIII

    AJIII is always my top listed Js, and the elephant print is simply awesome, I always think that those
    "anti-slippery" parts in phone and camera are so similar with the elephant print, so I just simply spray some grey and draw those black lines on it

    the whole custom design work is simple,  just a few step, I recorded the making of in this post

    I really hope that you guys can share it in your page, to spread these
    easy steps to sneakers and camera lovers around the globe

    Here are what I did, the rest of the design for the campaign