AhnLAb ISF 20111 Openning Movie
    AhnLab ISF 2011 Product Information Movie
    AhnLab Brand eXperience Desgin
    AhnLab is South Korea’s representative security company with high brand value which
    possesses global level of technology. Before holding ISF(Integrated Security Fair) 2011 conference,
    which proposes issues of new security threats and its counter plans, AhnLab recognized
    the lack of brand communication strategy and design unity. Therefore, the company
    has tried to become a security solution company with global competitiveness through building
    clear brand identity by newly defining design system of inconsistent brand.
    First, We analyzed the company strengths and their management plan to find the brand design solution.
    Through this process, we drew a brand concept of “Flexible Security Solution”
    as an action for various security offenses and set ‘Tangram’ as a design concept to articulate it. 
    ‘Tangram’, which can produce infinite models with 7 modules, represents AhnLab’s total security
    solution to creatively respond for unexpected security offence. Through ‘Tangram’s flexible
    combination, we made the image of huge wind wave for main graphic motive as a
    figuration of the company’s leading security system’s innovative flow. 
    Implementation& Achievement
    Redefined brand identity with the company’s vision and value is actively applied by AhnLab’s
    various activity and external touch points. During the ISF2011 conference, hold by AhnLab,
    design identity was found everywhere, such as in the invitation, website, exhibition space,
    booth design, video image, etc. and they could successfully deliver the innovative and leading brand
    image to their business partners. The same concept is applied to their internal branding products such as
    office calendar and diary, which shows theaim for the company’s active communication of the brand. 

    All planning & design: Plus X
    Project Directing: Kyungdong Kim, Myungsup Shin, Seungwon Huh, Sabum Byun 
    BX Identity Design: Myungsup Shin, Jiyoung Yoon 
    Conference Design: Jiyoung Yoon,  junhyuk Chun  
    Calendar, Diary Design: Dongwoo Lee, Jihoon Kim
    Movie design:  Seungwon Huh, Chunwoong Park , Junggun Park , Siwan Noh 
    AhnLab:  Joungyoun Kim, boggyu Choi, Jihye Park, Jangho Yoon
    Conference planning: Mplanners
    Date: 2011. 10      www.plus-ex.com          Plus X Facebook
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