Agile Design Camp identity and materials

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  • Identity and materials for Agile Design Camp, an un-conference in Hamburg, Germany. Project included the creation of all print materials including: logo, t-shirt designs, name tags and signs. 

    What is Agile Design? I like Jeremy Tai Abbet's definition:
    "It’s taking the agile software development and applying it to the process of design. But more so, it’s about building on a collaborative level with multi-disciplinary teams where the final outcome is not necessarily set in stone. It’s about embodying a deep empathy for one another and working in parallel instead of a waterfall process."
  • T-Shirt design. Photo © 2011, Stefan Groenveld. Urheberrechtlich geschützt.
  • Nametag design. Photo © 2011 Katrin Kampfrath
  • Designs for 2.5cm buttons (pins). Download the PSD here.
  • Button design. Photo © 2011 Katrin Kampfrath