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Agency re-branding
SMITH is the re-incarnation of an old tech integrator agency called Ascentium.  In early 2011, they hired a good friend of mine as their Executive Creative Director and gave him the charge of leading the company into the 'creative technology' space.  He hired me on contract a few months later to make happen on the ground, as it were, what he was pushing through at the executive levels.

I started by describing the kind of people I wanted to work with:
A tight-knit band of fearlessly optimistic artists and technologists.

From there, everything else seemed to fall into place.  A small & enormously talented group found their voice in the naming and expression of SMITH.  Visuals were devised, tossed, refined, tossed again.  Language was written, flayed, torqued, re-written.  It was one of the most creatively satisfying assignments I've had - we really were that tight-knit and optimistic band.

Below is what someday soon will be found at  I did this with sougwen, a face-meltingly talented artists with whom i worked at Digitas and ifwerantheworld.