Agatha Christie book collection

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  • Agatha Christie book collection

  • Design of the covers for a pocket book collection from Agatha Christie's novels.

    In a sober composition with few elements, typography takes more relevance, providing from rhytm and personality to the covers.

    The main typeface it's a condensed Clarendon Bold and texts are in Caslon, both of them English faces, just like Christie.

    As it's a collection of pocket novels, the use of two colors when printing makes the production cheaper. Black and corporate orange from the Penguin Books logotype.

    The structure it's always the same, a stripe with a picture, author's name and novel's title on the front plus a synopsis, a review and the bar code on the back.

    The back it's designed so it doesn't matter how long it's the synopsis, it fits the page.

    All pictures are black and white film photographs with grain and high contrast to make them more attractive.

    Their owners are:

    April 2012