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This artwork is for VxV PH's project "Pimp Your First Vector".
Thank you Lord for the lack of money to pursue traditional art.
 I wouldn't try to learn this skill. I'm so grateful. 
I want to thank (Mon)themonday.,
he was the one who taught me the basics of vector illustration.

I'm grateful to (Rhaf)aseo. , (Jejomar)deftbeat and (AteShie)ruthlesschiq
I stalked their pages a lot (hoho,kidding) they influenced me a lot.
They are now my co-admins in VXV PH.

And I'm also thankful to (Karding)karding05. who always pushes me to innovate my art.
Thank you fir the Bamboo tablet! :D
To (Brendon)bigaysining. who always updates me on the latest trends.
I'm so grateful guys! Thank you so much!
In this piece I tried to combine vector, and comics with a
hint of traditional effects (watercolor and crayon). I don't know if I succeed on this one,
nonetheless I had fun. My inspiration here is Joshua Middleton
As you can see I'm a fun of portraits, they have been my subject since,
ahhhm elementary days. But now I decided to take this to another level.
I'm still learning and searching and . . . .