• Package Design Four, Spring 2011
  • San Francisco’s Ferry Building is a culinary mecca, featuring local farmers, chefs, and artisans, and served as an inspiration for Aero’s “Gourmet Destination” and private label brand Artisan Square.
    Artisan Square is a line of gourmet foods and ingredients that can be found in the Aero stores.
    The objective was to showcase the artisan, quality of the products while maintaining an upscale feeling.
    This brand provided a lot of opportunities for innovative packaging structures and new ideas. Dried herbs and spices are packaged in a box that also functions as a dispenser, while fresh herbs come in a package that encourages freshness even after opening. Chips and Dip come in a party-ready structure with a serving tray and dip in the lid.
    A premium subsection of this brand featuring hard-to-find ingredients and top of the line products was treated in a more upscale manner.